• This is the holy grail of fast-growing, early finishing genetics.
    • Not an auto flower but finishes the 1st week of September, average around 1.5-2 lbs. of good biomass per plant.
    • Has minor cannabinoids of CBDV and CBC potentially can come out to be almost 5% in the extracted oil.
    •  Can grow higher plants per acre for phenomenal biomass weight per acre.
    • Great for large scale hemp farming, and climates prone to early rainy seasons.Harvest time: 1st week of September
    • Yield: 3500-10,000 lbs. an acre
    Click to View Certificate of Analysis Click to View Screening Test Results 100 - 500:  $1.50 each 5011 - 1,000: $1.25 each 1,001 - 10,000: $1.00 each
    • Orders over 10,000 please contact
    • Overnight shipping via USPS is $26.35 for Florida residents only. If out of state, please contact to request shipping cost.
    Seedlings available 14 day notice (50% deposit upfront, 50% at pickup)
    We will offer seedling with a deposit and 21 days lead time for an additional cost of $1.25 per plant less than 2,500 and $1.00 per seedling over 2,500. We do not offer seedling of autoflower strains.
    • This strain has extremely low THC, often containing very little to NO total THC.
    • The strain has 8-12% CBG at week 12 of the flower.
    • This CBG genetic was originally acquired from a group in Switzerland and was grown in The United States last season with great success. In 2019 several thousand seeds were germinated,  the plants were pheno-hunted, and then the best plants were selectively self-pollinated, resulting in S1 CBG plants that have some minor instability causing around 10% to auto flower, as well as some extremely minor hermaphrodite traits that have no viable pollen and thus pose NO risk to crop production.
    • We feel being fully transparent about what this strain and its seeds do is key to everyone’s success. If we won’t grow them, we won’t sell them! During our in-state 12-week research period we had no autoflower or hermaphrodite issues found in our crop. The plants have very good structure and flower space that will allow the plant to handle high winds.
    501 - 1,000 - 10,000:  $1.60 each 1,000 - 10,000 - $1.25 each seedlings available 14 day notice (50% deposit upfront, 50% at pickup) *500 Minimum on all Seed Orders, 1,500 Min on Seedlings & Cutting Orders over 250,000 please contact
    • Mid-September Finish
    • Yields 2-3 Pounds Per Plant
    • Strong, Sturdy Plant Structure
    • Heavy Oil Production
    • High CBD Content/Heavy Minor Cannabinoid Content
    • High Bud to Leaf Ratio
    • Needs No Supplemental Nutrients
    • Stable, Consistent Phenotype
    • Will Grow in Most All Soil Types
    • Can Handle Extreme Temperatures Without Stress-Related Mutations
    1,250 to 10,000: $3.00 each 10,001 to 50,000: $2.50 each 50,001 to 250,000: $2.00 each *2,500 Minimum on all Seed Orders, 1,500 Min on Seedlings & Cuttings Orders over 250,000 please contact