• This is the holy grail of fast-growing, early finishing genetics.
  • Not an auto flower but finishes the 1st week of September, average around 1.5-2 lbs. of good biomass per plant.
  • Has minor cannabinoids of CBDV and CBC potentially can come out to be almost 5% in the extracted oil.
  •  Can grow higher plants per acre for phenomenal biomass weight per acre.
  • Great for large scale hemp farming, and climates prone to early rainy seasons.Harvest time: 1st week of September
  • Yield: 3500-10,000 lbs. an acre

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100 – 500:  $1.50 each
5011 – 1,000: $1.25 each
1,001 – 10,000: $1.00 each


  • Orders over 10,000 please contact doug.warren@sunshinehempfl.com
  • Overnight shipping via USPS is $26.35 for Florida residents only. If out of state, please contact sales@sunshinehempfl.com to request shipping cost.

Seedlings available 14 day notice (50% deposit upfront, 50% at pickup)

We will offer seedling with a deposit and 21 days lead time for an additional cost of $1.25 per plant less than 2,500 and $1.00 per seedling over 2,500. We do not offer seedling of autoflower strains.