Sunshine Hemp 2020 Feminized Genetics Price List

Sunshine Hemp has approved  “Florida Pilot Project Hemp Seeds & Seedlings” at these prices for Florida Hemp growers.

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Our seedlings will be propagated in 50 cell loose-fill trays. They will be available starting July 4th. Quantities are limited. We will offer all three of our full-season strains (Early Abacus, MK Spectrum, and CBG Hepius). Local pick-up is available at our Homestead nursery or delivery can be arranged per request. Delivery is between $1.50 and 2.00 per mile.


Sunshine Hemp has propagated vibrant, healthy rooted cuttings from our University approved MK Spectrum seed” stock. These 6” & 12” cuttings are taken from carefully grown mother plants from our Florida tested MK Spectrum genetics. The cuttings have excellent root systems and are demonstrating excellent growth. The advantage of propagation by hemp cuttings is that the cuttings have the same characteristics as the mother plant.  A great way to start your hemp project

Florida Seed Law

A hemp cultivation licensee may only use the following kinds of Hemp Seed, pursuant to Section 581.217(6), Florida Statutes:

  1. Seed certified by a certifying agency as defined in s. 578.011(8), F.S. Certified Seed will be labeled with a seal stating the name of the Certifying Agency and a certification number.
  2. Seeds approved by a university or institution conducting an Industrial Hemp Pilot Project. Labels will bear the statement “Pilot Project Hemp Seed” and identify the university or institution that granted approval.

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Below are links to our seed selections currently being tested in Florida from our various partners.